Performance Co-Pilot

Performance Co-Pilot is a system performance and analysis framework.


  • Lightweight : Collect performance metrics from your systems efficiently.
  • Distributed : Collate metrics from multiple hosts and a variety of operating systems.
  • Included : Everything you need is already included in the major distributions: Fedora, RHEL, Debian, SUSE, Ubuntu, Gentoo


Analyze systems' performance metrics in real-time or using historical data.

Compare performance metrics between different hosts and different intervals. Observe trends and identify abnormal patterns.


Extend the collected performance metrics in a simple way.

PCP offers a multitude of APIs and libraries to extract and make use of performance metrics from your own application.

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Mar 2015
PCP 3.10.3

Duplicate PMNS names allowed by default. Containers support improvements. pmdapapi fixes. Complete Python 3 bindings port. pmlogger fixes. ganglia2pcp import tool.

Jan 2015
PCP 3.10.2

New PMDAs: unbound, ActiveMQ, CIFS. Export pcp archives to Graphite (pcp2graphite). Many fixes and improvements to the Linux PMDA. Additional metrics and fixes to the PAPI PMDA.

Dec 2014
PCP 3.10.1

Revised cgroup support (arbitrary names, new metrics). New and improved hardware event counter PMDAs. Graphite dashboard tweaks. Bug fixes. New website!

Oct 2014
PCP 3.10.0

Python v3 modules, Web service and front-end updates to support Graphite/Grafana, DS 389 PMDAs. Additional nfs v4.1 and rpc.server metrics. Bug fixes.